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Manage meetings online.
Automate your scheduling process.

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Calendar Online Appointment

Fill up your agenda effortlessly

A self-service booking system that works online for 24/7.

Let your clients schedule appointments for themselves at their convenience (even outside business hours!) straight into your calendar. Embed your meeting links on your website, in your email signature, or through social media and watch your schedule fill up effortlessly.

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Calendar Appointment Slots

Get total control over your schedule

Show real-time availability only.
No after-hours or double booking.

Set your working hours day by day and customize time-slot intervals for maximum flexibility. Synchronize your agenda with Google Calendar to block availability simultaneously and in real-time when events are created.

Allow rescheduling
and reduce no-shows

Avoid frustration and increase staff productivity.

Send automated email/SMS reminders to make sure that your clients won’t forget their appointment. Allow them to add the meeting to their calendar in one click. If they cannot make it, they can still reschedule based on your availability!

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Phone Appointment
Hello Anna.
This is a reminder for your appointment with John on 10/12/2017 at 1pm.
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Customize your appointment form

Stay well prepared and provide top-notch services.

Configure your intake forms based on business needs and collect everything you need to know about your prospects in advance straight in your mailbox.

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